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Trisk – Hydromate

Trisk HM3 "Stand"

Trisk HM3 “Stand”

Hydromate – Air mover for water based paint systems

Air moving products were developed by TRISK to provide effective solutions for drying waterborne paints. Waterborne paints are growing in popularity and with legislative changes relating to VOC emissions the demand is expected to increase.

The pioneers of mobile air movers are delighted to introduce a new high performance, low cost alternative to the mobile systems that are currently available.

Trisk HMH3 "Handheld"

Trisk HMH3 “Handheld”

Hydromate 3 incorporates the same head design and drying performance enjoyed by its patented forerunner as well as now having even greater adjustability of the air movers to suit all applications. You can choose to run with the factory settings or a variety of other positions to suit the size and shape of the paint job.

The maximum height of Hydromate 3 has now been increased to 5ft which even allows you to dry base coat on SUV’s and people carriers.

Simply plug-in a single airline to your Hydromate 3, open the air valve and produce drying times on waterborne or solvent-borne basecoats to as little as 5 minutes.

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