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Infra red curing is faster than convection heating, it focuses energy where it is needed, and short wave infra red curing times are half that of medium wave.

Better Quality

Short wave infrared radiation produces higher temperatures and penetrates deeper into an object, giving better quality curing.


The most versatile feature of the Trisk mobile range is that there are machines to suit all curing requirements. We can supply a machine that will complement your existing workflow.

About Curing & Drying

When you are accelerating the curing / drying of paint you should be aware of the two processes taking place. The molecular cross-linking of the coating (Curing) and the evaporation of either solvents or water or both (Drying)

The heat generated by infrared simply accelerates the curing process, but flash off times and bake cycles should be controlled. TRISK produces a wide range of paint curing data for all the leading brands to ensure the best result in the shortest time. Paints used in manufacturing can vary significantly from the average 2K or Urethane coatings found in refinish as specific trigger temperatures must be reached. The temperatures required here can be over 140c. Waterborne coatings like base coat are best treated with simple air movement.

The Hydromate has proven to be cost effective in achieving the right drying result. The drying performance can be further enhanced by lifting air temperature to around 32c. Waterborne primers are best treated with IR to achieve the correct through drying. If some air movement is added, the drying times can reduce still further.