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IRT – 3 PrepCure

IRT3_PrepCure_3IRT – 3 PrepCure – Vertical surface low Horizontal surface infrared dryer

The IRT-3 is ideal for curing small to medium-sized surfaces. The products are used to speed up drying of putty, filler, base and clear coat. Using two manual timers, the products are very easy to use.

• 3 kW power output
• Unique possibilities for positioning the cassettes
• Gold-coated FreeForm reflectors for optimal heat distribution
• 2 manual timers: Flash-off 50% power & Full bake 100% power
• Very easy to use
• Can cure all paint materials
• Efficient particle filter on the cassettes
• Powerful ventilation that cools the cassette and increases lamp life
• Maximum cassette height 51″ horizontalIRT3_PrepCure_2

Technical Specifications

Power Rating – 3 kW
Electrical specifications – 220 Volts, 60Hz, Single Phase
Cure area – 39″ x 55″.
Minimum Distance from Panel – 600mm (24″)