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IRT – 1 PrepCure

volvotork_0126IRT – 1 PrepCure – Compact handheld dryer

IRT1 PrepCure is an excellent tool for any industry, especially body shops. It can be used to heat small areas or for quick drying of putty, filler and clear coat as well as for applying and removing stickers.​

• 1 kW power output
• 120v operating supply
• On/Off button integrated in handle
• Compact and small for heating hard to reach areas
• Gold-coated reflectors for optimal heat distribution
• Supplied complete with stand for hands free operation
• Flexible and easy to use
• Can cure all paint materialsIRT1~~element27

Technical Specifications

Power Rating – 1 kW
Electrical specifications – 120 Volts, 60Hz, Single Phase
Cure area – Varies
Minimum Distance from Panel – 300mm (12″)