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Drester 8000


Drester Model 8000GC

Drester 8000GC – Fully-automatic gun cleaner for conventional paints

Drester 8000 is an automatic Gun Cleaner designed for use with conventional or water-based paints. The machine is equipped with two Drester Teflon Diaphragm pumps, which ensures high-quality results as well as reliability.

Drester 8000 cleans automatically with a circulating solvent. Rinsing can be done either automaticaly or manually. Air is blown through the spray gun’s air channels during the wash cycle to keep these clear of solvent and fuzz.

The extraction is included, and helps preventing contact with hazardous fumes.

Drester 8000 is a well-known Gun Cleaner with an excellent reputation.

The air powered machine is also available as a two gun model.


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