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Drester 3600

Drester Model 3600GC

Drester Model 3600GC

Drester 3600GC – Semi-automatic gun cleaner for conventional paints

Drester 3600GC cleans spray guns efficiently and is designed for use with conventional paints. The machine cleans automatically with circulating thinner and has a manual rinse with clean thinner.

During the wash cycle, air is blown through the spray guns air channels to keep these free from solvent and fuzz.

The gun cleaner is equipped with the unique Drester Teflon Diaphragm pump to give a superior wash result. A built-in extraction prevents contact with hazardous fumes and improves the work environment.

Drester 3600GC is easy to use and has an ergonomic design. The machine is air powered and can also be obtained in a two-gun model.

Optional Extras
There are several optional products to the Drester 3600, i.e.
a 2-Gun Spray Cradle, Extension Hose, Adaptor and Cover Plate.
Please contact your Drester distributor for further information.


User Manual
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