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Drester BoXer Series


  • Flocculation Powder: Part #9211 (1.5kg)
  • Main Filter: R8703 (5 pack)
  • Primary Filter: R8702 (5 pack)

Drester is proud to present the new standard. The all-new BoXer series. As durable and versatile as ever, the Boxer series includes many new innovative design features that make the unit significantly easier to use and ensures even better cleaning performance. Two key features to the new Boxer series is the Drester Auto Box & the magnetic gun holder.

AUTO BOX One of the great news with the Boxer series is its innovative washing compartment, the pioneering Auto box. To take a major leap forward in gun cleaner design, a compact, more effective and flexible washing compartment was needed. Ingenious design, combined with the vast experience of such components, enabled the development of the new polymer washing compartment. Its integrated fluid channels make for a less-cluttered space and the power of the pump results in more efficient cleaning, meaning that less clean solvent is needed per gun.

MAGNETIC GUN HOLDER Another major innovation is the magnetic gun holder (patent approved). Through clever design, there is no longer any need for separate extension tubes, trigger clips, air purge lines etc. The new magnetic gun holder pulls the trigger to open the paint channel and fixates a gun in seconds, in one simple step. It fixates the gun in a position where the gun’s air channels are protected, facing downwards, so there is no risk of solvent entering the air channels. This new way of fixating a gun while it is being cleaned will significantly facilitate using a gun cleaner. It also eliminates the risk of fitting the gun incorrectly, resulting in less than-sufficient cleaning results. ures making everyday body shop life easier.

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