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Spray Gun Cleaners

Hedson Technologies has a long history in developing equipment for body shops. Particularly spray gun cleaners, as Drester was one of the first manufacturers of these machines. Today, the brand Drester is a market leader and the Drester gun cleaners can be found in body shops all over the world. The machines are characterised by a combination of quality, performance, efficiency and reliability.

Many Models

The Drester Gun Cleaners are safe and easy to use. The air operated machines are made for different applications. There are several models for solvent based paints, from a manual unit to a fully automatic machine with built-in extraction, the Drester 8000. Together with several paint manufacturers, Drester has developed a special machine for water based paints with an integrated water recycling system, the Drester 1000.

The DresterTeflon-Membrane Pump

One of the main advantages with a Drester Gun Cleaner is the pump. The Drester membrane pump was developed by Drester, and it is especially made to be used in spray Gun Cleaners. The pump is in use in all the Drester Gun Cleaners (except for Drester 1925), and it has been running on duration tests with excellent results.