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Hedson Technologies AB is the specialist in Cleaning and Curing Equipment for the automotive industry and after market.

Hedson Technologies is the global leader in its line of business with distribution to all major markets. About 95 % of our production is exported.


Environmentally friendly equipment for the mixing room
The Drester Gun Cleaner program offers a broad range of spray Gun Cleaners for both solvent and water based paint systems.

Advanced curing equipment
The IRT curing range comprises every dryer you may need – from compact handheld units and several mobile dryers to rail systems and arches based on different curing technologies.

Wheel washers and ergonomic equipment
All Drester Wheel Washers use a patented wash method with cold water and plastic granules for optimal and environmentally friendly cleaning.


Our products are characterized by a combination of quality, safety and environmental considerations. All products are conscientiously developed with the idea to offer the user greater possibilities of obtaining a better working result.


Hedson has a long technical and market oriented experience in developing and manufacturing products that are safe, effective and easy to use. We consistently work with finding solutions that improve our customers profitability.

Our products stand for safety and environmental considerations. They therefore meet international demands and standards and we work in accordance with the Quality Standard ISO-9001 and ISO-14001.